Modivate your voters with a campaign website

Welcome to Duck Soup Election Tools!

We are so excited to provide you the tools that allow you to quickly and easily create a website for your political campaign. We have already created basic and engaging designs for you. All you have to do is add in your information and photos to create your personalized campaign website.

Get Started

Create your account and start your website with a free trial. After your free trial expires your site will automatically renew at $12/month. No complicated pricing models to enable different features. Just a flat rate monthly renewal.

Key Features

Online Donations!
Raising campaign funds can be one of the hardest parts for running for office. With GS Election tools, your constituents can send donations via snail mail or be easily directed to a Pay Pal account for contributions.

Social Engagement!
In today’s internet culture an effective campaign must engage social networks. DS Election tools will handle both sides of the social equation allowing you to add links to your own profiles as well as allow visitors to share what they find with their own social networks.

Newsletter Sign-Up!
Keep in contact with your constituents and build a database of followers! Track user subscriptions by simple emails or get fancy with MailChimp or Constant Contact. Use your mailing list to keep contacts updated on campaign news, public events and important dates.

Logo Builder
We know it can be expensive to hire a graphic designer to build a custom logo so we have made it easy to build your own. Logos should be simple and eye catching. Choose from a large selection of logo marks, fonts and layouts and then customize with any color of the rainbow.

Google Analytics!
Learn more about your website visitors with Google Analytics. See what your users are looking at and where they are from with the cutting edge tools available through Google Analytics. A simple Analytics integration gives you the power to understand your visitors.

Countdown Election Timer
Don’t Miss a Vote! Countdown timers are easily added to the site to remind your visitors about primary and general election dates. All you have to do is enter the dates and GS Election Tools takes care of the rest.

When it comes to websites, images speak a lot louder than words. Upload your images and GS Election tools will take care of formatting them to the perfect size and resolution to display fast and look great on your website.

Select from 4 different starting templates and then customize them to use any color scheme and images you like. The possibilities are endless and GS Election tools ensures your site always looks great.

The Pages You Need
In addition to your homepage DS Election Tools include pages for your biography, accomplishments, key issues, events, contact information and donations. Activate the pages you need and leave out the pages you don’t. The choice is yours but we have all your bases covered.

Personal Domains
DS Election tools allows you to use your own domain name for your website. Or keep your costs down by creating a subdomain from one of our premium domains ( or Choose from our suggested subdomains or create one all of your own.

No Long Term Commitment
DS Election Tools has no long term commitment. Activate your campaign website now and when the election is over cancel your website. After your free trial expires, renewals are processed monthly. Cancel anytime.

Live Demo

We have created a few sample election websites that demostrate the functionality of the finished product. Click one of the images below to view the demos.
Sample Site 1
Sample Site 1

Professional Support

We know that not everyone is comfortable working with technology. To help those that might not be as technically inclinded we offer a "Do It For Me" service. You supply the content and we will build your logo, source stock images, and build your website for you. After the site is complete the same $12 monthly fee will be charged with no additional contracts. To learn more visit our Do It for Me page here: